Glass Fabrication Capabilities

Large Orders to Custom One-Offs,
We Have You Covered

At Techni-Glass our glass fabrication capabilities are second to none, no matter the size. Our highly trained and experienced staff are ready to handle your order no matter the size. We can handle large repeatable orders, large custom orders with variations to each item, small custom orders and everything in between. Our finely tuned processes provide you with a flexible fabrication partner to service your needs. Below are examples of our glass fabrication capabilities.

andreaGlass Fabrication Capabilities

Custom Glass EVA Lamination

  • Up to 60” x 72” EVA Film Laminated

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North Glass Tempering Furnace

  • Maximum glass size 82” x 156”
  • Glass thickness 3.2 mm – 19 mm
  • 5th Generation forced convection for high-quality Low-E glass processing

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Glass Digital Printing

  • Color Prints up to 60” x 120”

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Double Edging

High speed double edgers produce pencil edge on glass 1/8″ to 1/4″.

High Polish Flat Edging with Mitering


At Techni-Glass, our engineering team will work with you and your team to transform ideas and concepts into reality.Our staff is experienced in an array of software technologies to provide services from print and decorative glass design to CNC milling, cutting and more. Lean on our expertise for your next project.

Glass Portraits

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CNC Glass Cutting

State of the art CNC Equipment takes any size* or shape requirement and perfectly duplicates repeatedly.

  • *Up to 96” x 130”
Glass Fabrication - CNC Cutting

CNC Milling

  • Hinge Notches (mouse ear and rectangle)
  • Internal cut outs with high quality edge-work
  • Mail Slots
  • Pass Throughs
  • Speak Holes
  • Sink Cutouts available
  • Up to 62” x 129”

CNC V-Grooving

  • Grooving for cabinets and display shelves
  • Polished V Grooves
  • Shadow V Grooves
  • Straight Line and Decorative Line
  • Dual Surface V Groove

CNC Edging

CNC shape edging producing pencil, flat, waterfall, OGEE and others.

  • Up to 62” x 129”

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High quality bevels available on glass shapes, rectangles and certain types of textured glass.

Glass Drilling

Capable of drilling single or multiple holes in any thickness of glass from 1/8” to 3/4” and hole diameters 1/8” to 4”

Plastic Protective film

High speed shrink wrap and adhesive film applicators for applying protective plastic on both glass surfaces

Ceramic Frit Roll coating

Automated roll coating with ceramic frit.

  • up to 30” x 84”

Glass Screen Printing

Automated screen printing producing single or multiple hits using ceramic frit and organic coatings.

  • up to 42” x 72”

Insulated Glass

We are Insulating Glass Certified and have a wide variety of insulating options to meet your needs.

  • Up to 62” x 98”
  • Aluminum Spacer backfilled with Polysulfide or Polyurethane
  • Superspacer backfilled with Hot Melt Butyl
  • Duraseal Heat Pressed
  • Argon Gas Fill is available

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Tempered Glass

  • Continuous horizontal tempering  in thicknesses from 1/8” to 3/8”
  • On our Tamglass state of the art convection furnace we have capability in thicknesses from 1/8” to 3/4” also Low-E high performance coatings. All tempered to meet ANSI Z97.1 2015, 16 CFR 1201 CII and CAN /CGSB 12.1-M90 specifications

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Laminated Glass

Available with various glass textures and thicknesses in clear, white and decorative patterns.

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Laser Logo/Stencil

High speed laser etching of logos and stencils.