16 Safety Tips For Commercial Glass Handling [INFOGRAPHIC]

Safe glass handling techniques are of major importance for glass manufacturers and fabricators. When safety isn’t a priority, the risks can include severe cuts and punctures, amputations, crush and strain injuries, and even death.

Mike Troutman, director of safety and environmental excellence at MI Windows and Doors, presented this “Safe Practices for Glass Handling” checklist at the Manufacturing Safety Forum for the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance.

If you have trouble viewing the image, you can read the safety tips below:

16 Tips For Glass Handling Safety

  1. CARRY GLASS to your side with two hands.
  2. NEVER CARRY glass under your arm or above your head.
  3. ALWAYS USE two team members to move large sheets of glass.
  4. USE PROPER hand and body position such that you are not in the “line of fire” in the event of breakage.
  5. REPLACE worn safety equipment prior to performing the job.
  6. DO NOT stand or walk on broken glass.
  7. NEVER break glass into smaller pieces with your foot or hand.
  8. DO NOT hold on to broken glass or try to stop falling glass; move out of the way to a safe location.
  9. DO NOT reach or catch glass by the corner of the lite.
  10. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings and other team members.
  11. INSPECT containers and glass before unpacking, which is essential to reducing potential hazards.
  12. ENSURE that no team members are in the area of glass movement.
  13. DO NOT stand on racks.
  14. ENSURE that glass is strapped to the rack before moving it.
  15. OBSERVE strapping for wear and replace if necessary.
  16. BE AWARE of forklift truck traffic and never stand in front of any container or rack of glass when it is being moved or being set down. Verify that the rack is secure.

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techniglass16 Safety Tips For Commercial Glass Handling [INFOGRAPHIC]