Double Edging

High speed double edgers produce pencil edge on glass 1/8″ to 1/4″.


At Techni-Glass, our engineering team will work with you and your team to transform ideas and concepts into reality.Our staff is experienced in an array of software technologies to provide services from print and decorative glass design to CNC milling, cutting and more. Lean on our expertise for your next project.

CNC Glass Cutting

State of the art CNC Equipment takes any size or shape requirement and perfectly duplicates repeatedly.

Glass Fabrication - CNC Cutting

CNC Milling

Hinge Notches (mouse ear and rectangle) Internal cut outs with high quality edge-work Mail Slots Pass Throughs Speak Holes Sink Cutouts available

CNC V-Grooving

Grooving for cabinets and display shelves Polished V Grooves Shadow V Grooves Straight Line and Decorative Line Dual Surface V Groove

CNC Edging

CNC shape edging producing pencil, flat, waterfall, OGEE and others.


High quality bevels available on glass shapes, rectangles and certain types of textured glass.