Glass Type Glossary

Learn more about the 65+ types of glass Techni-Glass has to offer.

Albarino P

Albarino P is textured glass with a haze value of no less than 93%. The inverted pyramid texture was engineered to increase efficiency by optimizing the light-trapping capabilities of glass. Up to 95% of direct light and 75% of hemispheric light can be transmitted via Albarino P glass, while the high haze value refuses almost all direct solar radiation.


Aquatex glass is patterned with a slight ripple. You’ll often find Auquatex glass used in patio furniture.


The modern and minimalistic frosty design of Arctic glass provides diffuses light in a way that maximizes privacy and creates a welcoming glow.


Artíque glass embodies the characteristics of antique mouthblown glass.


The classic leaf pattern of Autumn glass can bring a touch of nature to partitions, shower doors, and furniture applications.


Our Bamboo glass is 3/16” thick with a classic, rolled tropical pattern.


Our clear Baroque glass is made by machine, and then a swirl pattern is added to the surface for unique design and texture.

Bronze Tint

Tinted glass can be used anywhere you would use regular glass. Aptly named, Bronze Tint glass is regular glass with a warm, neutral bronze tint. The bronze glow can add a unique flare to the interior or exterior of any building. It looks particularly great with stone and brick facades.


This delicate lace pattern that mimics bubbles was made in the United Kingdom with precision rollers with ¼” thickness.


Similarly to the Bubbles patter, Chantilly glass was also made in the UK with precision rollers, but the lace pattern on Chantilly glass mimics a floral arrangement with 5/32” thickness.


Techni-Glass offers standard clear glass in a variety of thickness to fit whatever you need.


The pattern and texture of Contora glass provides privacy and looks great both indoors and outdoors.


Corteza glass is made with a sort of reptilian pattern and texture.


The deeply textured pattern of Cotswold glass resembles tree bark.

Cross Reed Small

Cross Reed Small glass is made up of repeating 1/2″ x 1/2″ square patterns.

Crystal Ice

Crystal Ice’s heavily textured, tight pattern of dots of slightly varied shape and size allows for maximum privacy.


The futuristic pattern of Digital glass can make anything stand out.

Delta Frost

Thick layers of frost pattern are created with sandblasting for additional obscurity. Delta Frost is popular for use in room divider panels, entryways, cabinet door inserts, and accents in leaded glass panels.


Our dots pattern is a classic, timeless design made up of transparent dots on a translucent surface.


The Everglade pattern swirls lush vines over a pebbled surface.


Flemish, also known as English Flemish, glass provides the look of hand-blown glass without the seeds and bubbles for a slight distortion in clear glass.


Florielle glass is made up of beautiful floral patterns.

Glue Chip

Glue Chip is applied to glass, and as it dries and contracts, it creates a distinctive and totally unique design.


Granite glass mimics the texture of granite – rocky yet smooth. It looks great on countertops, backsplashes, bar tops and more.

Gray Tint

Glass with a gray tint can create a unique, cool aesthetic for any room. Gray tint also has the ability to assist with solar heat gain and glare.

Green Tint

Similar to Gray and Bronze Tinted glass, Green Tint can also be used for aesthetic or energy control purposes.


The frosted pattern of Ice creates complete privacy without blocking light.


Krinkle glass is a great alternative to Stained Glass. It offers a similar beautiful, unique texture and pattern, but it is much cheaper and easier to care for.

Krystal Glacier

Krystal Glacier glass is patterned with thick, intertwined lines – great for a bold aesthetic.

Krystal Rain

This heavy rain pattern looks great on shower doors and more.

Krystal Serenity

The delicate beauty of this simple pattern can add new dimension to everyday objects.

Krystal Storm

The pattern of Krystal Storm is the perfect combination of Krystal Glacier, Serenity, and Rain.

Krystal Textured Flutex

Krystal Textured Flutex glass is a high-privacy glass patterned with thick, straight lines.

Large Hammered

Highly textured glass with a unique pattern.


Privacy glass patterned with thin, straight lines.


Low-E stands for Low Emissivity. This reflective glass lets in visible sunlight while reflecting heat and blocking infrared and ultraviolet solar energy. Low-E glass is great for energy efficient windows.


Low-Iron glass is known for its un-tinted clarity and pureness.

Master Carre

A high-end, rolled glass with a substantive, widely spaced dot grid for visual separation with plenty of light transmission.

Master Linge

High-end rolled glass with uninterrupted vertical lines that diffuse light and offer privacy.

Master Point

The collection of fine lines in Master Point glass diffuses light and offers privacy.

Master Ray

Master Ray glass is designed with a grid of short, horizontal lines that create privacy while still transmitting plenty of light.


Mayflower glass is patterned with distinct flowers.


A rolled textured glass, Minster is ideal for use in stained glass windows.


Techni-Glass provides mirror glass available at varying thicknesses and cuts for all of your needs.


The exotic pattern of Morisco glass was inspired by traditional Moroccan features.


The pattern of Oak glass mimics the natural bark pattern of an oak tree.


P62 is a timeless pattern with an attractive appearance and great obscurity and light transmission qualities.


The floral pattern texturizing Pelerine glass is similar in style to Mayflower glass, but the flowers are less distinct and more intertwined.


Bring the outdoors inside with the ripple texture of Rain.

Rain Water

While the Rain texture looks more like rain drops rolling down a window, the Rain Water pattern is made up of more distinct rain drops.

Rough Rolled

The subtle, organic texture of Rough Rolled glass creates refraction and distortion without pattern.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe textured glass is made up of square and rectangular boxes of different sizes.


Satin glass has been treated to give it a satin, rather than glossy, finish.

Satin Etch

Satin Etch glass patterns are permanent and scratch and fingerprint resistant.


Seedy glass can be annealed or laminated only.


The uniform diffusion pattern of Solite Glass is a popular choice for lighting.


Taffeta glass features a smooth, flowing swirl pattern.

Thin Ribbed

Thin Ribbed glass is also known as Thin Reeded, Skytech, or Corduroy. The ribs are 1/8” wide and run parallel to the long dimension. Thin Ribbed glass is only available annealed.


The wide wave design on Warick glass creates a classic, old-fashioned feel.

Water Glass

The gentle undulations of Water Glass are reminiscent of a breeze across the surface of a clear pond.

White Laminate

White Laminated glass contains a plastic interlayer that gives the appearance of sandblasted or etched glass with a smooth surface.

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