Techni-Glass is E Certified (Automotive Glass)

This spring, Techni-Glass achieved E certification through TÜV Rheinland Mobility Automotive Division – E 32. At a glance, this means that:

  • Techni-Glass’s automotive glass products are certified and approved for sale to the automotive and vehicle industry
  • Techni-Glass’s automotive glass meets rigorous safety standards
  • Techni-Glass’s automotive glass production is in compliance with the required standards

At Techni-Glass, safety is a top priority…

That’s why we have policies in place to keep our employees safe during production and why we have strict processes in place to ensure high-quality end products that guarantee the end consumer’s safety. How can we objectively measure standards like safety and reliability? Legally, automotive glass must comply with various forms of pressure and safety regulations. This certification, along with others like the DOT Certification, guarantee that Techni-Glass’s automotive glass meets the appropriate safety regulations.

TÜV Rheinland is accredited as a technical service laboratory for ECE R43 glass testing for automotive applications.


techniglassTechni-Glass is E Certified (Automotive Glass)